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As the saying goes: Content is king! Use Contentedge to be the master of your content marketing and SEO domain. Well-written articles are a fantastic tool for building a brand, providing product descriptions to potential customers, improving SEO, generating web traffic, and more.

Why Contentedge?

That concept is simple enough. But what’s not simple is creating high-impact pieces that serve your bottom line. Crafting enough well-optimized pieces for your website or marketing campaign requires time, skilled writers, and a hefty budget. Unfortunately, those are resources many businesses don’t have.

Luckily, Contentedge is here to help! Contentedge is your AI-powered writing assistant. In less than a minute, you can have high-ranking articles that look and sound human-made. From short informative articles on landing pages to long-form article content that supports a pillar page, Contentedge can do it all on your terms.

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How it Works

Contentedge is a fast, affordable, and super-easy AI writer that will take your content creation endeavors to new heights. When you use Contentedge, you have complete control over the articles and blogs produced. Choose options that detail as many or as few parameters as you want. All you need to get started is keyword headlines and a short description. The artificial intelligence technology will take care of the rest, using your input to generate unique content in only 15 seconds.

Of course, articles will do you no good unless people see them. That’s why Contentedge has powerful SEO tools to help you develop a solid SEO strategy. See what power keywords to include and view in-depth analytics that give you insight into how your articles perform. You can even analyze your competitors to see how your efforts stack up, empowering you to go one step further.

Contentedge takes millions of data points into account. Give your old content a breath of fresh air and determine what details you need to ensure that your articles get the audience they deserve. From readability scores to word count, our software gives you the information you need to produce articles that pack a punch. Use that data to feed the AI content generator, and you’ll be ready to publish in no time!

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Easily Generate Content in Seconds with Artificial Intelligence

The heart of Contentedge is artificial intelligence. Our tool uses advanced AI powered by Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, or GPT-3.

GPT-3 is a neural network language model that uses machine learning to replicate human speech. This technology isn’t the same as the awkward AI-produced text of yesteryear. It’s realistic and appears human-written. Best of all, it only needs a short prompt to start creating more content. When using Contentedge, your brief will act as the jumping-off point for the AI. It continues the prompt, replicating the existing speech patterns and creating articles no one will suspect AI had a hand in writing!

Everything produced by our tool is 100 percent unique. There’s no need to worry about getting plagiarized pieces or accidental replications. It’s completely unique and crafted to your precise parameters. Even still, our AI technology models articles off high-ranking content. It’s fine-tuned to produce content that caters to your niche while attracting attention and delivering organic results that stick.

Increase Engagement with Highly-relevant Contextual Content

It’s not enough to provide static content. While high-quality articles can make a difference, providing contextual content is the best way to increase engagement with your target audience. Produce relevant pieces that your audience wants to see!

With Contentedge, you can adapt to the unique needs of every visitor. Leverage existing content on the page to display articles that matter and leave a lasting impression. Whether fostering more organic interactions with your brand or encouraging conversions, our software can produce the relevant articles to make it happen.

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Writers Can Turn Articles Around More Quickly with Our App

Say goodbye to missed deadlines and unnecessary delays. One of the most challenging hurdles to overcome when writing articles is time. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing them yourself or paying a content creator to do the heavy lifting, time is always a factor. Deadlines get even more difficult to make when research, writer’s block, and burnout come into the equation.

Luckily, none of that is an issue with Contentedge! Our app can produce high-ranking pieces in only 15 seconds. It’s the fastest way to get articles. Turn projects around quickly and generate as much content as you need in only a fraction of the time it would take you to write one piece manually. Meet every deadline with Contentedge.

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Contentedge is the future of copywriting. Remove the human element without sacrificing the human connection. Our AI-powered tool produces contextual articles that appear to be written by a skilled content creator. Your readers won’t know the difference! Maximize productivity, save time, and get all the articles you need, no matter your budget.

Check out Contentedge today and see the difference intelligent AI can make for your content!

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