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People are inundated with tons of ads and sales pitches from companies every day. If you want to draw in your target audience, you need to create highly engaging marketing copy that is relevant to their interests. Getting someone’s attention on the Internet is no easy feat and continually coming up with top-quality sales copy doesn’t make it any easier.

Fortunately, Contentedge is here to help.

Why Contentedge?

You don’t need to employ a full team of marketing and copywriters or source it to freelancers when you have our free AI software. Contentedge is a powerful AI writing assistant that can knock out amazing marketing copy in seconds. Contentedge sounds natural and like it was written by a professional. You can get all the sales content you need without bottlenecks in the copywriting process. 

When your ads and webpages are full of bland or generic copy, people are going to find somewhere else to get their products and services. Make sure your marketing copy isn’t putting you at a disadvantage. Give Contentedge a try today and read on to learn more about how our tool works.

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How it Works

Contentedge is extremely intuitive to use, but it has highly complex AI working right under the surface. Our artificial intelligence assistant is trained using a natural language model, so everything that comes out sounds like it was written by a real human. Your audience will never be able to tell the difference.

Simply provide Contentedge with a keyword headline, a short description, and then click to generate the content. That’s all it takes to get amazing, unique sales copy in just seconds. You can even optimize your marketing and sales copy for SEO, ensuring you get those target keywords integrated.

Additionally, Contentedge will help you find keywords you may have missed. Our tool comes with SEO features to suggest semantic keywords to help you rank higher and reach the right audience. Our other tools include analytics and competitor analysis.

Our tool can pull from the top marketing content on the web for your keywords, ensuring you remain competitive and put out the best sales and marketing copy possible.

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Quickly and Easily Create Sales and Marketing Copy in Seconds With Artificial Intelligence

To create your sales and marketing copy in seconds, we use GPT-3 to power our AI assistant. GPT-3, or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3, is a neural network language model. GPT-3 uses the power of machine learning to mimic human speech and learn to create more natural-sounding content over time. Usually, other AI-generated content sounds like a bot wrote it. This awkward content can quickly cause your audience to ignore your ads and webpages. 

With GPT-3, your content will sound like it was written by a real, professional copywriter. You don’t have to spend a ton of time and resources trying to create engaging content when our free tool can do it in a fraction of the time.

Improve Engagement With Highly Relevant Contextual Content

Contextual content is content that is fine-tuned to meet the needs and answer the queries of your target audience. To create quality contextual content, you need to make sure the content answers your audiences’ questions while also being engaging and interesting. This can be difficult, but Contentedge makes it simple. With our AI-generated marketing copy, you can create contextual content that converts and is adapted perfectly to your customers.

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Digital Content Creators Rely on Our Tool to Enhance Their Marketing Strategy

If you’re a digital content creator, Contentedge is the perfect tool for your marketing strategy. When you’re constantly working on coming up with new content, the last thing you want to do is try and write marketing copy to go along with it. Let our tool take care of it for you, so you can focus on making more great content. Our tool will hit the right keywords, create interesting copy for your readers and perfectly complement your content.

Copywriters Can Turn Content Around More Quickly With Our App

Already have a team of copywriters? Work in copywriting yourself? Don’t worry, Contentedge is here to help you make even better content, not put you out of a job. With our app, you can become a quality content factory. What if you could have both quality and quantity?

With our tool, you can crush deadlines, overcome writer’s block and avoid burnout. You’ll be able to continually and consistently produce amazing content faster than ever. Keep your copywriting pipeline humming and focus on the big picture. Contentedge will take care of the tedious projects and writing so you can always have fresh and interesting copy for your sales and marketing efforts.

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Sign up for Our Tool Today to Start Writing for Free!

It’s time to embrace the future of sales and marketing copy! Contentedge can create content for you in seconds. You can use it for any copywriting you might need. Generate blogs, long-form articles, marketing copy, webpages and much more.

Your readers will never know the difference. Sign up for Contentedge and start writing engaging marketing copy for free today!

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